Apples in Winter 

"riveting and gut-wrenching"  The Gazette, Cedar Rapids

“a superbly crafted, deeply emotional, potential tour de force.” Talkin’ Broadway

“baked with a warm dose of humanity” Herald-Tribune, Sarasota

Apples in Winter asks you to expand your circle of caring, empathy and compassion in the process… that’s what good theater does.” Your

“In just a little more than an hour’s running time, Apples in Winter describes the arc of a life, and the love of a mother that is unfailing despite everything. That the play manages to envelop us so fully is testament to Fawcett’s story.” Sarasota Magazine

“Compelling and insightful… an extraordinary depiction of a mother whose complex journey has been laced with uncertainties.” Broadway World

“all the ingredients for powerful drama.” NJ

“powerful play of a mother’s love” NJ

The Broken Chord

The Broken Chord resonates with honesty, simplicity, beauty.” The Gazette

"Nothing short of outstanding... deeply moving. The Broken Chord is an outstanding example of the effective use of creativity and art to accurately address critical public health challenges... This show needs to be shown nationally."   Sue Curry, PhD, Dean, College of Public Health, University of Iowa

The Broken Chord presents memory loss in a way I never anticipated.  It’s impossible to imagine how rich a contribution this performance made.” Jason T. Lewis, Director Humanities Program, University of Iowa Carver School of Medicine

"I'm here to tell you, you got it right."  "Terrific. Uplifting." Hancher Audience Blog

Birth Witches

"The text of Birth Witches is riveting, the subtext enthralling and frightening... The play, which examines the clash between science and midwifery in 1606 London, speaks volumes to modern forces in opposition over the role of government in reproductive health care."    The Gazette

The Toymaker’s War

"The movement back and forth between the two historical moments, one in the midst of an unfolding catastrophe, the other looking back and trying to make sense of it, create multiple points of tension, the simplest on the level of plot--we want to discover what happened, but the others are more complex."  The Iowa Review

"Fawcett's writing is perfect for the subject matter; she's not afraid to ask the hard questions about what this all means... (she) crafts this story in an emotionally evocative way."  Iowa Theatre       

Out of Bounds

"A searing look inside the life of a victim and the adults who try to help… Crisp, powerful and crushingly real." The Gazette

"My daughter's bullies texted her after the show and apologized." Mother of a 7th grader, Iowa City

"I've seen a lot of shows like this, and this is by far the best one.  Great work." Junior High School Principal, Iowa City

goat show

“Goat Show” – as Fawcett admits – has precious little to do with goats. It’s about family, friendship and finances; dreams, desires and disappointments. It’s about the cradle and the grave. It’s about life... She’s charming throughout, and manages to fill up an empty stage with her ideas and images.”  Times-Union, Albany

"Superb… a tribute to the child in all of us.” Cowichan News Leader

“… (Fawcett is) equally adept at conveying family strife, the strain of farm work and life-and-death struggles without slipping into melodrama.” The Toronto Star

“Fawcett breathes original energy into a familiar story.” The Ottawa Citizen

The Disappearance of Janey Jones

"One of those plays that transports you to a place within ... The show offers an unflinching portrayal of a condition that is nearly universal."   Nashville Theatre Examiner

"Depression is hell, but it can spark some excellent theatre.” Georgia Straight, Vancouver

"Drenched with wit and intelligence, cleverly balancing dark humour, an adult’s depression and a child’s energetic optimism."  Monday Magazine, Victoria

"A thoughtful, tightly-scripted show about the isolation that comes with clinical depression... quietly powerful and often humorous."  Vue Weekly, Edmonton